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Body lotion Fleur d’or-enjouée

Queen Next Door

Proust’s favourite

200 mL

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Good enough to eat!

Thanks to its light, fluid texture,
the Fleur d’or-enjouée body lotion penetrates
instantly to moisturise the skin and
leaves it protected and satin smooth.

The Fleur d’or-enjouée body lotion has an exclusive formula which combines:
– Orange Blossom extract, with a sweet and comforting fragrance,
– Clematis extract, known for its purifying properties,
– moisturising glycerine,
– Shea butter, known for its nourishing and soothing properties,
– Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which protects cells against free radicals and leaves the skin feeling supple.

Apply the Fleur d’Or-Enjouée body lotion all over
the body and massage in gently in circular motions.
For a delicious treat, complete your beauty routine
with the Fleur d’or-enjouée hand cream.

Blogger 2.0

FLEUR #lepoudrierdefleur

Beauty and Lifestyle

I feel like a Queen when
I feel like a child.


Expert Touch

Alina Moyon


Smooth, sweet notes, as comforting as childhood memories.
A delicious and enveloping perfume for those who enjoy
life and delight in every moment.


Music inspiration

Yasmine Meddour


Deliciously sweet, Fleur d’or-enjouée inspired this lively pop music.



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