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Hand cream Rose galante

Queen Next Door

Truly, madly, deeply !

50 mL

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Let him hold your hand

The silky, nourishing texture of the Rose galante
hand cream is immediately absorbed.
The rose fragrance creates a gentle, delicate feel.


The Rose Galante hand cream has an exclusive formula which combines:
– Damask Rose essential oil, with a unique rose scent,
– Camelia extract, known for its purifying and moisturising properties,
– the PHEOHYDRANE® active complex for immediate and lasting hydration,
– moisturising glycerine,
– Shea butter, known for its nourishing and soothing properties,
– Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which protects cells against free radicals and leaves the skin feeling supple.
No parabens – No colourants – No phenoxyethanol

Apply a small amount of Rose Galante hand cream
to the palms and around the nails. Gently rub in.
Use this product as often as you want!
For a romantic feel to the tips of your fingers!

Blogger 2.0

EMILIE #rose.poudre

Beauty andLifestyle

I feel like a Queen when
he says "I love you".


Expert Touch

Alina Moyon


A tender and romantic fragrance, like a fine preserve or a petal pink dragée! Recollections of a gentle and peaceful world. A fragrance for those in love with the very idea of love !


Music inspiration

Yasmine Meddour


The voluptuous Rose Galante evokes a whole world of tenderness. I composed this graceful and floaty music especially.



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