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Favorite Rose galante

Queen Next Door

Truly, madly, deeply !

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Just for the Queen

The leader Eau de parfum encapsulated (50 mL) !
Alcohol-free and long-lasting, owing to its microencapsulated formula,
the Eau de parfum encapsulated can be sprayed on skin or hair.
An indulgent cloud of ultra-fine droplets in a single spritz.
You can even use it to perfume scarves, gloves
or hankies without causing them any harm.

Gentle skin, with the soap (150 g) !
Lather the Queen Next Door soap in the palms
of your hands and apply to wet skin. Rinse.
Complete your beauty routine with the Queen Next Door hand cream.

Have queen’s hands, with your hand cream (50 mL) !
Apply a small amount of Queen Next Door hand cream
to the palms and around the nails.
Gently rub in. Use this product as often as you want!



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