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Reed diffuser Bouquet de la Favorite

Home Fragrance

A seductive garden with aromatic fragrances

100 mL

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A walk around an aromatic garden where sensual scents heat up the temperature.

A garden for well-being and sensuality which captivates our senses, just as the King’s
mistress captivated the King. A garden to wander around, with plants and flowers which
exhale a captivating fragrance. A mixture of refreshing aromas and summer scents, the
garden is organised according to the seasons and the moods of its noble owners.

Grapefruit – Lemon – Cardamom
Magnolia – Jasmine – Freesia
Heliotrope – Sandalwood – Cedar

Remove the cap and place the reeds in the bottle.
Let them soak up the perfume. The fragrance will diffuse naturally.
To boost the intensity, we recommend that you turn the reeds over from time to time.

Did you know?

Bouquet de la Favorite

Some châteaux gardens were created to please the senses and to supply plants. Distillers and stills were set up nearby so that flowers and plants could be transformed on the spot. The King and Queen could thus appreciate the scents from their garden with perfumed water and pomanders. Soak up the aromatic atmosphere of the past with the Bouquet de la Favorite fragrances.


Reed diffuser

A scented bouquet

This diffuser is an original and aesthetic way to perfume your rooms in an intense and continuous way, like a scented bouquet. Your house will be perfumed over several weeks. Inside the bottle, perfume is released (through capillary action), thanks to the delicately soaked reeds. Adjusting the number of reeds makes it possible to adapt the diffusion and the intensity of the fragrance.




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