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Scented candle Parc des Fantaisies

Home Fragrance

A delicious garden with summery scents

140 g

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A delightful moment in a summer garden where ripe fruits with delicious scents are ready to be enjoyed.

A stroll in a garden to make the most of the pleasure of a summer’s day.
By the flowerbeds, between statues and fantastic water features, the Orangerie
stands next to orange blossom trees which release their intoxicating fragrance.
In the warmth of the sun, floral scents and delicious fragrances blend together.
A real journey for the senses, filled with exoticism and delicious fragrances.

Cologne Notes – Floral Bouquet – Petitgrain
Orange Blossom – Neroli – Rose
Vanilla – Honey

To really enjoy your candle, we recommend burning your candle
until its surface is completely liquid. Don’t let your candle burn for
more than 2 hours at a time during the first third of the candle and
for more than 1 to 2 hours at a time afterwards.

Did you know?

Parc des Fantaisies

It's Le Nôtre, Louis XIV's famous royal gardener, who created the aesthetics of the French-style garden with its viewpoints and its perfect geometry. He's left a lasting legacy when it comes to the great chateaux gardens in France - particularly the gardens of Versailles, with the Lovers' flowerbed which overlooks the Orangerie.
Experience this playful feel with the Parc des Fantaisies fragrances.


Scented candle

A cosy atmosphere

Subtly combining scent and light, this candle will delight your senses and fill your home with fragrance. In its elegant white glass jar which looks like delicate porcelain, the flame of this candle gradually delivers a delicate, refined fragrance, for a warm and sophisticated ambiance.




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