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Eau de parfum encapsulated Ylang-ylang fatal

Queen Next Door

Sexy squared

50 mL

In stock

Delivery only in metropolitan France

Real-life love potion

A palace revolution is on the cards tonight!
Down with protocol, up with spontaneity!
Anything seems possible!
As for weapons of mass seduction, a Queen is well acquainted with them all:
The perfect red lip, a slinky dress and perfume for optimum effect.
Feeling sexier than ever and confident to boot,
Her King will inevitably be overcome…

A tactile ylang-ylang perfume on the surface with a sensual, almost carnal sillage.
Opens with a citrus shiver thanks to the bergamot and mandarin.
The heart note reveals a white hot aphrodisiac and slightly leathery ylang-ylang.
The musky, vanilla base is entwined with sophisticated tonka bean and enchanting amber.

Alcohol-free and long-lasting, owing to its microencapsulated formula,
Ylang-ylang Fatalcan be sprayed on skin or hair.
An indulgent cloud of ultra-fine droplets in a single spritz.
You can even use it to perfume scarves, gloves or hankies without causing them any harm.

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Fashion Traveler Blogger & Model

I feel like a Queen when
I turn his head.


Expert Touch

Alina Moyon


Warm and sensual notes embrace the skin in a luxuriously velvety caress. The perfume of femmes fatales who have perfectly mastered their powers of seduction.


Music inspiration

Yasmine Meddour


The elegant Ylang-ylang fatal made me think of the mysterious East. For this reason, I wanted to create something truly captivating...


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