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Gellé frères,

Royal Perfumer

Gellé Frères.
The name shall always have a place in the history of beauty.

The journey is nothing if not surprising, beginning with Marie‑Antoinette and continuing to this very day on Avenue de l'Opéra, mere steps from where Gellé Frères opened its legendary first boutique a century earlier.

Gellé frères,

Perfumer of Queens 2.0 !

The Queens may have changed, but they remain as glorious as ever !
After Versailles and Opéra come the Queens of social media.
Gone are the jewels and the titles, replaced by stilettos and leather jackets.

Crinolines and ermine robes are out, jeans and ballet pumps are in.
Our modern-day Queens are frequent flyers to Paris, New York and Shanghai.
Instaglam goddess, Snapchat star... for the new generation of Queen, the whole world is her Trianon.

Shiva at work, girlfriend and diva, she lives a thousand lives thanks to a thousand apps and has a thousand stories to tell.
Her destiny is in her hands, that much is for sure!



It all starts with Jean-Louis Fargeon, official perfumer to the court of Versailles and Marie-Antoinette, for whom he succeeds in bottling the scent of the Trianon gardens.


Jean-Baptiste and Augustin Gellé inherit Master Perfumer Fargeon's perfume formulas and open their first perfumery in Paris. This marks the very beginning of their success story !


Gellé Frères produces the first "Cosmetic Treatise".
Its purpose? To share the beauty secrets of Queens and make them accessible to all women.

The beauty revolution is under way...


Gellé Frères asks various Queens of the stage, like Mistinguett or La Belle Otéro, to be muses for the brand, a major first in the cosmetics industry.


Gellé Frères launches a range of natural skin care products alongside tailored floral rituals at an intimate institute on Boulevard Haussmann in central Paris.


Gellé Frères makes a majestic return to the forefront of the beauty sphere and opens an ultra-connected boutique for modern-day Queens on Avenue de l'Opéra.

Le Savoir-Fleur

At Gellé Frères, flowers begin with capital letters - like so many names imbued with exquisite promise - and are channelled into sophisticated perfumes, powders and new soaps, rare balms and essences.

Capturing flowers’ heart and soul
The language of flowers is complex. Each one has its own colours, shape, texture, taste and smell… To better understand the effect they have on our emotions, Gellé Frères has developed a knowledge of flowers that bridges both science and poetry, acting much like a translator.

The art of composing a bouquet
The maison's creations are constructed like bouquets of flowers. The dominant flower represents the main sentiment. Secondary flowers are then added to further enhance the dominant flower. Then there are the flowers that surround, protect and open the path towards the heart of the bouquet...

The culture of innovation
In the early 1850s, Gellé Frères won prizes at five Universal Exhibitions thanks to its innovative process known as hydro-distillation. Today, the brand innovates again by including microcapsules in its perfumes to reproduce floral fragrances as faithfully as possible and make them longer lasting.

The Queen Next Door fragrances are:



Long-lasting formula

To awaken your inner Queen!

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