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Be a Queen’s mum !

Beauty rituals

Congratulations! You’ve just learned this year has a happy moment in store. In this inner turmoil, The Queens Mag helps you find your way!
The most beautiful you were, the most beautiful you will remain! And don’t let the hormones tell you the otherwise!
While the baby bump points the tip of her nose, here are a few tricks to free the Queen's mum and ensure she proudly steps out like a red-carpet star.


Accompany his body in the adventure:

EAnd yes, the 9 months that follow will plunge you into the unknown and it is not to displease you. However, every day that passes counts and more than ever your body cries famine!
Don’t get it twisted! We are not talking about the cakes that shine in the bakery opposite you but your skin.

Particularly that of your belly and your breasts which needs more than ever to be nourished. For this reason, it is even better to abuse creams and other oils if it has no negative effect to the pregnancy.

Like a warrior, prepare a battle order: for example, a shower oil to wash followed by a moisturizer and a non-greasy oil (dry oil type) before going to bed.

Pamper your feet:

Do not neglect them, you should rather solicit them, so much to make them your allies! First not only because they are going to have to bear extra pounds but then because they will have to get used to another balance, given that your center of gravity will start to change.

Apply your milk, cream and oils every morning and evening to your feet. Take some time, even if its’s only for a minute, to massage them. After all, they deserve it!

Your face:

If it is true that a pregnant woman radiates naturally, your skin will dry out since all the right nutrients are concentrated in creating a “mini-you”. Do not hesitate to give it a boost to cross this period without tightening. Use moisturizing serums for the sensitive parts: under the eyes or on the wing of the nose. An essence will fine-tune your beauty ritual. Finally, be careful to protect your skin from the sun.

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