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Beautiful in its sneakers

Beauty rituals


Be a good Queen in her sneakers! Congratulations! You’ve held the gym membership and your trendy sneakers do not smell like the new in the shop …

To be a queen of the tatami, Queen’s Mag helps you to go further, like a beauty coach of modern times.

When you play sports, your skin is used. Sweating is excellent for the epidermis as it helps to get rid of toxins. Yet, the finding is there: runners, swimmers or athletes, in general, tend to have dry skin. In fact, the more active the body is, the more the skin dries out. By the effect of perspiration, the water evaporates through the epidermis and let’s escape the electrolytes and the mineral salts. In addition, by practicing regular physical activity, our skin is subjected to more rubs with sports clothing near the body. Finally, it is not uncommon to accumulate several showers during the day.

Prepare your skin before the session:

To help the skin regenerate, here are some practical tips:

Make sure to remove makeup before the session. For aficionados of the makeup, go there all smooth … For example, BB cream and waterproof mascara will suffice to embellish you without doing too much. Once the pores of your skin open, needless to come pollute it with makeup!

So, you can concentrate on your exercises and challenge yourself!

After the session, your skin is thirsty!

Be proud of yourself, the session is over!

Your skin is detoxified but stays dehydrated! In the shower, privilege the oils of showers to restructure your epidermis while cleaning it. Your skin continues to sweat two hours after the session, so it is essential to drink throughout the day.

Lastly, massage the body by insisting on the parts worked during the session with a moisturizing milk that will leave you a silky skin.

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