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Feel good tips

Beauty rituals

Be a real beauty queen! Say goodbye to plastering on makeup. These days queens don’t bother with all the hassle.
A few daily rituals can have a great effect on mind and body.


Detox regularly

The internet is full of inspiration: Lemon and ginger drink (hot water, lemon and freshly grated ginger), Soothing drink (slice of orange, cloves and cinnamon sticks — drink after 10 mins), Energy boost drink (one handful of thyme and fresh mint left to brew for 10 mins).

These work even better if you drink them upon waking.

Don’t forget to move and keep dancing!

It’s not all that easy to be active when you’re stuck on the underground so make use of smartphone apps and activity tracker watches which are designed to help you stick to 10,000 steps per day. If you don’t have the fancy equipment, remember to use the stairs, get off the bus a stop early or get up and stretch your legs throughout the day. And, above all, turn that music up loud and move your hips. It will boost your mood and it’s great for your body!

Have a cool shower in the morning or after your workout — cool but not freezing! When you’re in the shower in the morning, try to turn down the temperature a couple of notches, so that you find it stimulating (but stop before it becomes uncomfortable). If you use it gently, it can provide a great boost to energy levels.  It improves your circulation and makes you feel like superwoman for the rest of the day! In the evening a cold shower will perk you up and relieve tired, heavy legs.

Being kind to yourself and having a positive attitude matters

Avoid all negative thoughts (and the people behind them) and ensure you are in a well-intentioned, positive place.  Place “happiness” reminders all around you: have your holiday snapshots as a screensaver, pictures of loved ones laughing, a sunrise on your smartphone, etc.

Touch is the gentlest thing of all. You could try several approaches to this: give strangers big hugs in the street — it definitely works. Failing that, take a minute each evening to rub almond oil or scented moisturiser into your skin.

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