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Flowers – feel good interior design

Style tips

Everybody knows that practicing Feng Shui can improve your mood, but did you know flowers hold the same power?


Researchers have looked into it: “Flowers have an influence over behaviour, can bring about a change of mood and even encourage you to spend more time with others.” (Source: scientific journal, Echosciences) These researchers proved that having flowers in a room made people who spent time there feel more optimistic.

You’ll find some tips here to transform your flat into a splendid haven of peace on a par with the Jardin des Tuileries! Whatever style your home is, you’ll find something here to make it prettier.

The colour of the flowers…

Choose flowers which are all one colour or all in different shades of the same colour to create a peaceful yet impressive effect.

Citrus coloured flowers (orange, yellow and pink) bring feelings of well-being and instantly make a room brighter.

Do make sure that the flowers match your interior design though.

The container is just as important

Do not overlook the container. This is what gives the bouquet structure and sets the scene.  You can have fun collecting metal boxes, pitchers and crockery then filling them with all sorts of flowers.

Which flowers for which room?

Flowers aren’t just for the living room. All of the rooms in your house will benefit from an attractive house plant. Before buying plants and flowers, you need to take stock of the “energy” levels in your rooms: light levels, heat and moisture.  That way you will find it easier to select your flowers and will be able to position them where they will best thrive.

For instance, lotus flowers will create a peaceful atmosphere when floated in a bowl of water.  This is the perfect arrangement for a bathroom. Orchids also thrive there because of the heat and moisture.

A bouquet on the table will bring cheer. Another could be placed on a shelf for its fragrance. A house plant will add life to any kitchen.

Magnolias, hydrangeas, antique roses or buttercups are romantic. Poppies or wildflowers have a chic, country feel.  For extra quirk, mix vegetables or minerals together or combine flowers and foliage

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