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How to slow down skin aging ?

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Youthfulness is not eternal and the first signs of skin aging generally appear around 30. While fine lines and wrinkles are a daily – sometimes obsessive – worry for many of us, one should not forget that the aging of skin cells is a natural phenomenon that affects us all. However, there are a few simple tricks that can be used to slow down this process, and should be included in your beauty ritual right away!


Cleanse your face

Good habits start in the morning with a face cleansing, and continue in the evening with thorough make-up removal. We sometimes tend to skip the latter, for instance when coming back from a night out after a few drinks. But that’s a mistake! Removing make-up means getting rid of all the impurities that settle on your skin, such as pollution particles or dust. To regenerate properly, your skin must be able to breathe during the night. We’ll come back to this important point later in the article.

This cleansing routine can be supplemented by the application of a mask and/or exfoliation once a week to remove dead tissue and make the skin more permeable to care products. The Chérissime moisturising face mask is the star product in our collection! It consists of a miracle oil and 7 pods, a practical format you can bring everywhere with you, designed for our 21st-century Queens who are constantly on the move.

Don’t skimp on moisturising

We can’t stress this enough! Applying a moisturising cream is the best morning and evening routine to prevent skin aging. Pick your cream according to your skin type. Good hydration facilitates the skin cell renewal process and helps preserve epidermal vitality.

Drink water

It may not be the ultimate secret to youthfulness, but drinking water helps maintain a radiant complexion all year round. You should drink between 2 and 2.5 litres of water a day for visible results.

Watch your diet

We all know the “five fruits and vegetables a day” rule to stay healthy. Well, the same goes for our skin’s well-being. Specific foods are preferred to slow down skin ageing: those rich in antioxidants (apples, strawberries, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, broccoli, artichoke) and those rich in omega-3, such as fish, nuts, free-range eggs, lettuce, avocado, etc.

Protect from the sun

Granted a nicely tanned skin feels great! However, the sun is your skin’s worst enemy. If not properly protected, the skin is exposed to the dangers of UVA and UVB rays. While UVB rays are the main cause for sunburns, UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and cause damage inside the cells. Eventually, the skin becomes rougher, less elastic and dries out.

Have a good night’s sleep

Did you know that the skin regenerates three times faster when we are asleep? While we are resting, our body is hard at work renewing skin cells and oxygenating the epidermis.

This explains why people might say: “You look terrible today! after a bad night’s sleep or a restless evening.

Since the skin is also more permeable at night, take the opportunity to apply a night cream to create a quality hydrolipidic film.

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