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Beauty rituals

People are so busy running around these days that they don’t stop to take care of themselves. Yet, would the world not be a better place if we all slowed down a little?


Step 1: Run a nice deep bath

  • Bath: This is best in the evening and should be at body temperature (37°) (cold, energy boosting baths are best kept to the start of the day). Ideally you should wait an hour after eating. Dim the lights, choose some soft and peaceful music which you associate with good memories. Dive in. Avoid very hot baths which will make you feel unnecessarily uncomfortable. A few drops of lavender or camomile essential oil will help you to relax. Close your eyes if you wish.

Step 2: Apply a face mask

  • Apply a mask to relax facial muscles. Your skin must be thoroughly cleansed. Remove all makeup. Choose a calming mask with orange blossom, for instance.
  • Use a loofah to gently cleanse. Soap yourself and then rinse with clear water. Gently remove the mask from your face using circular movements.

Step 3: Gently come back to reality

  • End your ritual with a green tea, which is great for detoxing. Green tea has lots of benefits because it is high in antioxidants. It is the natural element with the highest known quantity of antioxidants! Make this moment extra special by giving yourself a massage as you moisturise.

Gradually return to daily life. Reading a few pages of a book is a peaceful way to ease back into things.

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