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Sleeping Beauty

Beauty rituals

Do you aspire to be a modern-day Sleeping Beauty? Check out this advice and become the Wide Awake Queen!


Wrap yourself in a cocoon!

You’re a queen, so sleep in silk sheets. That’s a celebrity beauty tip from the Land of the Rising Sun! Did you know that silk is hypoallergenic and antibacterial? If you don’t want to switch all of your bedding, at least go for a silk pillowcase. It won’t absorb your night creams and it will avoid static in the morning. Don’t use treated silk as it won’t have the same qualities.

Pampered from head to toe!

– Sleeping mask: this is another concept from Asia which more and more young (and not so young) Europeans are adopting. When you pick one, make sure it is made out of natural products which will deeply nourish your skin. You’ll wake up with smooth, fresh skin that is as soft as a baby’s whenever you like!

– Night cream: it is usually a lot more nourishing than day cream. Don’t wear it out of the house though. It makes your skin a little too shiny which is not a good look! At night, no worries, you can go for it, particularly on dry patches.

– The same applies to your body: apply a thick layer of moisturiser and get that baby soft skin you love so much.  And if you’re not worried about scaring your partner, smear moisturiser all over your feet and put a pair of socks on, and you’ll see guaranteed results in the morning!

And you’re ready for an extra long (sleep) session!

1, 2, 3, sleep! Dream about your prince charming, sandy beaches and exotic waterfalls. Never worry about getting too much sleep. This advice might come last but it is not least. A good night’s sleep is vital for vibrant skin, a dewy complexion and good circulation.

In sum, don’t skimp on sleep. It’s a wonderful investment!



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