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“Flower power”


Up until October 1, 2017, Paris's Museé de la Vie Romantique is celebrating flowers with an exhibition featuring the work of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, an 18th century botanical artist whose work combines science and art.


An exhibition called “Flower Power” was bound to capture Gellé Frères’ attention. After all, we know a thing or two about flowers. Flowers are all around us: in our perfumes, inside our e-boudoir, on our social media pages…

When we found out about the Musée de la Vie Romantique’s exhibition of 250 pieces of art relating to flowers we rushed down there.  And we can already tell you that this is one Parisian exhibition that is not to be missed.

Who is Pierre-Joseph Redouté?

Pierre-Joseph Redouté was an artist who was born in 1759 and nicknamed “The Raphaël of Flowers”. He became famous for his watercolour paintings of flowers.  Redouté really loved flowers and devoted a large part of his career to identifying, classifying and painting plants.  Here’s a little fact about him: In 1778, he became part of the Versailles court and quickly became Marie-Antoinette’s young protégé. He then received the title of Queen’s Cabinet illustrator and painter.

A tribute exhibition

To celebrate Redouté’s “elegant accuracy” the Musée de la Vie Romantique is showing his best pieces which have come from many French public collections as well as museums in Belgium.  The path through the exhibition is split into four themes and introduces watercolours, artefacts and vellum papers.

A truly romantic place

What better place to introduce people to Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s poetic world than the Musée de la Vie Romantique?

Another perk is the flowery decor by Pierre Banchereau from Maison Debeaulieu which makes this pastoral setting special.

The Gellé Frères Beauty Team are definitely huge fans of this tender, sophisticated exhibition.


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