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Discover “Chérissime”, our new floral and royal collection

2020 promises to be rich in beauty and discoveries for our House and our Queens! Indeed, this year marks the renewal of our flagship and historic collection  Chérissime , which is designed in our Asian Plant Research Centre in Yunnan, a Chinese region renowned for its plant diversity and soil fertility.

In this article, you will learn about the history behind this royal collection, as well as the multiple benefits of its products for an ideal and complete beauty routine, from face masks to moisturising creams.


A historic range of care with royal origins…

Two hundred years ago, the official perfurmer to the French royal family passed on his invaluable know-how to the Gellé brothers. In 1826, the two brothers decided to put their faith into this knowledge capable of seducing the high society of the time, and opened their very first store in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Since then, their secrets and expertise in plants have been passed down from generation to generation, and are today accessible to you through our products. On your soft face, delicate neck and skilful hands, enjoy a few drops of the very same products that grazed Queen Marie Antoinette‘s skin.

Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon I, also took part – without even knowing – in the great history of the Gellé Frères brand. Roses were an integral part of the empress’ life. They were found in her garden, of course, the famous Park at Malmaison, which is still open to visitors today, but they were also painted on her living room walls and on her tableware, used as decoration on her clothes and hairstyles, and even in her meals. In fact, she even had a “Bible of Roses”, from which the Chérissime collection actually draws its secrets and explores the six rosaceous plants at the cradle of the Empress’ secret of youth: the rose of Anatolia, the white rose of France, the Damask rose of Bulgaria, the rose with a thousand leaves from the high plateaus of Yunnan, the purple rose, and the red rose. Gellé Frères reveals the exceptional benefits of these six rosaceous plants, which are among the rarest in the world.

Through its Chérissime collection, the House strives to remain faithful to its initial ambition, as expressed in its 1860 “Traité de la Cosmétique” (Cosmetic Treaty): to make the Queens’ beauty secrets accessible to all women. This is why Gellé Frères consumers not only deserve the same title, but are all considered to be genuine modern-day Queens.

A meticulous creation process, the promise of the ultimate beauty experience

Close your eyes and picture a field of beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see… Soon multiple colours appear, but pink is undoubtedly prevalent. You find yourself in the 300-hectare field where we cultivate our flowers. This is where the roses that make up the Chérissime collection are picked one by one through an extremely meticulous process. Indeed, the harvest must start at 5am and not last more than 3 hours in order to preserve the flowers’ freshness and active ingredients.

The next step is the extraction stage, which involves high-end technology. Gellé Frères has successfully maintained its traditions while taking advantage of the latest techniques, and today uses the most advanced technology in the world, Halophyte™, to maximise the retention of active ingredients and their effectiveness. This double commitment, “Natural ingredients, Advanced Technology”, helps us offer natural products, free from harmful ingredients, alcohol, animal oil, mineral oil, heavy metals, hormones or fluorescent agents.

Our aspiration is the same as that of the Gellé brothers when the brand was established: we wish for every woman to enjoy radiant skin, so that her self-confidence may grow. A study by Madame Figaro on women’s relationship with beauty revealed that 50% of women use beauty products mainly to build their self-confidence. So to perfect our new Chérissime collection and help you regain this all-important self-esteem, we have added a unique plant, the king of Yunnan camellia, also known as “TongZiMi” camellia. Rich in flavonoids and tea polyphenols, this plant most notably curbs the development of melanin, lightens spots and contributes to a more radiant skin.

Which product from the Chérissime collection is right for me?

Our Chérissime product range features a moisturising face mask, a cleanser, a lotion, a moisturising cream and an emulsion. Textures are always light and easy to apply. Our floral and royal universe is reflected by the elegant packaging adorned with our emblematic rose and golden reflections… One could almost keep it as decoration in the bedroom or bathroom for that extra majestic touch.

The Chérissime moisturising face mask

The Chérissime moisturising face mask is the star product of our collection! It consists of a miracle oil and 7 pods, a practical format that you can bring everywhere with you, designed for our 21st-century Queens who are constantly on the move. The 7 pods soothe, desensitise and lighten your skin. As for the miracle oil, it makes the skin more supple and plumped up, provides excellent hydration and helps reduce fine lines due to dryness. Furthermore, it helps strengthen the skin barrier.

Each pod is sufficient for a face, neck and décolleté care. Simply mix in 3 drops of Miracle Trianon oil, with Damask rose, Cognac essential oil, Sunflower seed essential oil and Atlas Cedar essential oil as main ingredients. A genuine boost for your skin!

When to apply your Chérissime mask?

Although the mask can be applied with the sole purpose of providing you with a moment of relaxation, there are specific situations for which it can prove immensely beneficial… Just after removing your make-up for example, or after a difficult sleepless night, a long exposure to the sun or as a last-minute care the night before a big day!

Other products in the Chérissime collection

Lotion, emulsion, moisturising cream or cleanser? It’s all about understanding your skin’s needs and really taking them into consideration. Between pollution, sunshine and make-up, the skin suffers aggressions on a daily basis. That’s why it’s essential to know how to best care for it. Let’s not forget that an optimal beauty routine calls for optimal, high-quality products. Always favour products with recognised benefits, adapted to your skin type.

By the way, what is the ideal beauty routine?

A little reminder can’t hurt, so here’s the ideal beauty routine for a fabulously healthy skin!

  1. Remove make-up

No matter how much make-up you wear, it is essential to remove it before going to bed as to let the skin breathe.

  • Clean

This step allows you to clear your skin of possible make-up residues, but also of the impurities that have settled in your pores during the day.

  • Care

Are you tormented by a skin problem? Apply a specific treatment, such as a toning or eye-contour care.

  • Hydrate

Your skin has been cleansed and purified; now it’s time for hydration!

  • Preserve

Let’s not forget that the sun is one of the skin’s worst enemies. So even on cloudy days, be sure to apply a protective cream.

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