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A brief history

Lilies belong to the Liliaceae family.  The flower has huge symbolism in Greek mythology. When the Goddess Hera breastfed Zeus’s son two drops of milk fell.  One scattered across the sky to form the Milky Way. The other stayed on the ground and grew into a white lily.

The lily has its place in the Catholic religion and the worshipping of the Virgin Mary. It symbolises chaste love and purity.  From the 12th century up until the revolution it was also associated with royalty, the symbol of France itself.

Did you know?

In French, you can spell the flower “lis” or “lys”.  Since the 19th century the spelling lys has become much more common especially in the heraldic sense of the word.

The lily is what is known as a “mute flower” because you cannot distil or extract its essence.

The benefits of lilies

Lily is used in cosmetics for its smoothing, softening, moisturising and protective properties. Once soaked in oil it is known to have a healing effect on cuts.

Lily can tone down blemishes and limit the appearance of brown marks on the skin. It is often used in skin brightening products.
It is good for sensitive, delicate and irritated skin and prevents the appearance of brown marks.  It is said that Queen Marie-Antoinette used a lily-based lotion on her porcelain skin and pink cheeks.

As an emblem of royalty with a powerful, subtly spicy scent, lily adds a touch of personality to perfume. It is bound to bring out the powerful woman in you.

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