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In the 1950s, microcapsules appeared in the printing press with the first self-copying papers. Against another paper, a single pressure is enough to burst the microcapsules containing dyes and duplicate what was written on the first paper.

A few years later, in the late 1950s, microencapsulation expanded into the pharmaceutical field with prolonged-release drugs.

Since then, this technology has been the subject of numerous scientific researches and has extended to various other fields, such as cosmetics, perfumery, food industry …

Did you know?

The microencapsulation process is in fact very old, the microcapsules are constituted by a membrane containing a liquid or a solid, as are the living cells, which are also constituted by a membrane containing molecules or organelles. The microencapsulation process would thus have appeared long before the appearance of man.

What is microencapsulation?

Microencapsulation allows the integration of solid or liquid particles inside a membrane.

Microencapsulation is used in several domains for different reasons:

  • In pharmacy, it is used to obtain a controlled release of the active ingredient.
  • In the field of detergency, in laundry detergents, for example, the microencapsulation permits a release of the perfume when the garments are rubbed.
  • In cosmetics, this process allows:
  • Protection of active ingredients
  • Extended release
  • Better penetration through the epidermis
  • In perfumery, this technology is very interesting to obtain a prolonged release of the perfume. The microcapsules release the encapsulated perfume during the first spray, and then the remaining microcapsules, in contact with the external environment, will release the perfume for a prolonged period throughout the day.

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