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The perfume

From its origin to today.


For the story …

The origin of the perfume starts in antiquity where aromatic essences are to honor the Gods, besides perfume comes per fumum which means by the smoke.
It is thanks to Cleopatra that the perfume comes out of the religious ceremonies .

In the Middle Ages, ethyl alcohol was discovered and the first alcoholic perfume made its appearance: the water of the Queen of Hungary.

In the Renaissance, the perfume spread in several countries, notably in France thanks to Catherine de Medicis and the perfumeries became concentrated in Grasse.

A few years later, under Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette perfumers and perfume houses were recognized and the Eaux de Cologne appeared.

From the 19th century, chemistry allows the synthesis of multitude of molecules, which will enrich the fragrance choice of perfumers. It is the birth of the great houses of perfumery.

Did you know?

Exposure of the skin to the sun in the presence of perfume can cause the irreversible appearance of brown spots, caused mainly by the reaction between the sun and the alcohol found in the perfume.

As it is not advisable to use perfume on children, it is better to favor non-alcoholic perfumes.

Different types of perfume

A perfume is made up of aromatic extracts (natural and / or synthetic), alcohol and water. There are different types of perfume characterized according to their percentage in aromatic extracts.

The most concentrated is Parfum, with about 15 to 20% sometimes 25%, then comes the Eau de Parfum, the Eau de Toilette and finally the Eau de Cologne with 0.5 to 2% aromatic extract.

Today the market is growing more and more around the perfume without alcohol to counter its harmful effects.

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