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Magnolia Essential Oil



A brief history

The magnolia tree is native to Asia and North America. Its pink, white or cream flowers are a delicate tulip shape.  The magnolia grandiflora is one of a number of perfumed varieties in this plant family.

In perfumery, Michelia Alba is used. It has a fresh lemony scent, green notes and a gentle warm floral underdone with hints of vanilla.

In 1711, René Darquistade, a French trader who loved botany, brought back a “Tulip bay tree” which he kept in a greenhouse.  For 20 years the tree didn’t flower, but when it was axed, a cutting was taken and planted in the soil.  The tree then flourished and grew most spectacularly.

Did you know?

The plant was called “Magnolia” in memory of Pierre Magnol who was a famous botanist at the end of the 18th century.

Fossil plants from the magnoliaceae family have been identified and date back 95 million years.

Benefits of Magnolia essential oil

Magnolia represents a love of nature and is a symbol of loyalty. It carries a positive message of strength and joy.

Magnolia essential oil is well used in cosmetics because of its delicate, captivating scent.

The very pleasant fragrance has a relaxing effect and reduces stress and anxiety. It also improves sleep.

As well as reducing stress and anxiety, magnolia essential oil boosts creativity and imagination and brings out your bohemian nature.

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