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Rose Essential Oil



A brief history

This flower is native to China. Its charm lies in the way it looks and smells but also in its beauty. It is known as the “queen of all flowers” and symbolises love and passion.

Greek mythology featured a white rose. But when Adonis – protected by Aphrodite, the goddess of love – was mortally wounded she ran towards him and pricked her finger on a thorn.  Her blood dripped onto the white flower and turned it red.  From then on, red roses have symbolised everlasting love.

As for rose essential oil, Avicenne, a Persian doctor and philosopher (980-1037), is said to have produced the first vial.

Did you know?

Rose essential oil is very expensive to produce because you need an average of 3,000kgs of rose petals to make 1kg of essential oil.

Benefits of Rose essential oil

It is used in cosmetics because of its astringent, revitalising properties. Rose is often an ingredient in products for tired or mature skin.  It is also good for irritated skin because it acts as an anti-inflammatory, scar minimiser and tonic.

Rose’s distinctive, subtle scent helps to bring harmony and settle emotional turmoil. On the other hand, it can also act as a stimulant, so it is classed as a neurotonic.

One thing is for sure its delicate perfume will bring out the romantic in you!


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