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Alina Moyon


Alina Moyon, an aromatherapist and olfactotherapist based in Paris, is none other than THE Queen of Gellé Frères, who is behind the mood-enhancing effect of the Queen Next Door perfumes. Indeed, Alina Moyon worked in close cooperation with Gellé Frères to decipher the moods which these fragrances bring out...


Hello Alina! To start off with, could you tell us more about your background and your current line of work?

Hello! Basically, I’m a pharmacist by profession. I worked in a pharmacy for nearly 24 years. It was a huge pleasure for me to be in contact with customers, providing them with support, guidance and advice…

In 2012, I sold my pharmacy and became more interested in less invasive and more natural treatment methods. Thanks to my academic training as an aromatherapist, essential oils quickly became my main professional tool.

The aromas and vibrations of essential oils enable us to get in touch with people’s inner cores, and provide them with both physical and emotional healing, while treating them as individuals.

According to you, which three words best describe the Gellé Frères’s ethos?

The first word which comes to mind is “Freshness,” as Gellé Frères is like a breath of fresh air in the tradition of perfume. I then think of the notion of “Refinement” for all because the Queen Next Door fragrances are a luxury which is available to everyone. And finally, I of course think of “Wellness.”

How would you define a “Queen 2.0?”

I envisage a woman who is nourished by tradition, and who, in turn, renews that tradition. She is light-hearted and fun! Of course, she loves herself – but not in a narcissistic way! She just knows how to look after herself to ensure she is glowing.

When was the last time you felt like a Queen?

Quite recently! At the end of a training course I was doing, a farewell party had been organised…I entered the room, there was a moment of silence and everyone broke into a round of applause. I was both embarrassed and flattered…But I’ll remember that event for a long time to come!

And using Gellé Frères’s analysis, which Queen are you? Does that really represent you and what do you think of the recommended perfume?

I’m the romantic Queen! And it really matches my personality. I sincerely believe in the power of the heart. In my view, we can live on this energy.

And as for the ‘Rose galante’ perfume, it brings about a mood of tenderness. Its gentle and delicate scent makes you want to share it with those around you!

To find out more about Alina Moyon, visit: www.almaconsult-paris.com

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