Elisabeth de Feydeau

Historian and writer

Elisabeth de Feydeau, a historian and writer who specialises in perfumery, is THE Gellé Frères Queen who has documented the company’s history from 1826 till the present! The Gellé Frères’s Beauty Team interviewed her to find out more about her...What drives her, what she thinks of Gellé Frères, and the last time she felt like a Queen – she bares all to us!


Hello Elisabeth! To start off with, could you tell us a bit more about your background and your current line of work?

Hello! After taking my preparatory classes for literary studies, I studied history at the Sorbonne where I wrote my doctoral thesis about perfume. It was when I started working for Chanel that I learned about the raw materials used in this sector. After that, I founded my own consultancy firm, where I provide support for the leading perfumery companies. In 2011, I launched the Arty Fragrance brand which I create niche fragrances for. Recently, I also took part in designing the historical pathway of the new Musée du Parfum (Museum of Perfume) in Paris… And, at the same time, I have of course, been busy with my writing career.  My latest work is about the Guerlain family. As you can see, my daily schedule is really packed!

According to you, which three words best describe the Gellé Frères’s ethos?

The three words which best describe Gellé Frères for me is, firstly, its “History,” which is unique, as it goes back almost 200 years. I also link it with the notion of “Femininity,” which connects with the women the company strives to serve. Finally, there is a subtle blend of “Nature” and “Science” in the company’s essential oil perfumes, derived from micro-encapsulated flowers.

How would you define a “Queen 2.0?”

Nowadays, it is no longer about choosing between your family or making money…In my view, a woman is a Queen if she’s free! She doesn’t concern herself with standards of beauty or fashion. The Queen 2.0 is not subject to anything or anyone.

When was the last time you felt like a Queen?

Not long ago, I was by the seaside, on the Wild Coast…Reflecting on the vastness of the landscape, I felt a sense of freedom and plenitude…I can say that at that moment, I felt like a Queen!

And using Gellé Frères’s analysis, which Queen are you? Does that really represent you and what do you think of the recommended perfume?

Using Gellé Frères’s analysis, I’m a romantic Queen! If we think of romanticism as something modern, with a hint of rock’ n roll, in that case that suits me perfectly!

I normally don’t like the way Rose is used in perfumery…But I’m really fond of ‘Rose Galante’ as a fragrance because it’s natural! It reminds of roses which we can smell in a garden…

To find out more about Elisabeth de Feydeau, visit: www.arty-fragrance.com

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