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Blogger and Sensual Queen

An enthralling look, a worked style, and a personality, Emma is the editor of the blog All I Need is Clothes! As sensual queen and muse of the fatal Ylang-ylang fragrance, she could not miss out on the questions of Beauty Team Gellé Frères! And yes, if you want to know more about the pretty Emma, it just happens here!


Hi Emma! To begin, can you tell us more about your career, your job, your passions?

Hello! I am from a small village in the south of France called Saint-Etienne des Sorts, near Avignon. At the age of 18, I left my pretty campaign to integrate a DUT specialized in the field of Information-Communication, in Nice. I finished my studies with a bachelor’s degree in communication and an internship in an editorial office.

Today, I live in Paris and work at Octoly, a platform that connects brands with influencers. I am Community Manager France and Talent Manager Assistant. I love my job!

In parallel, I am a blogger! Share my lifestyle, my looks and my favourite cosmetics is a passion that has inspired me in recent years!

What do you think are the 3 words that best define the Gellé Frères universe and why?

Gellé Frères is Graceful by the very refined design of its products and its boutique / boudoir. Her universe is also Affirmed in my opinion … Indeed, there is a real desire to free women from the dictates of fashion and beauty. And finally, Maison Gellé Frères is Poetic in its way of approaching perfume, it is very delicate!

What would be your definition of a «Queen 2.0»?

A Queen 2.0 knows how to live in her time, she is necessarily connected! She fights for her ideas and demonstrates commitment to everything she loves. But she also knows how to be discreet when it is necessary! Everything is in the shade …

What was the last time you felt like Queen? Why?

I feel like Queen every morning when I wake up because I tell myself that I have the chance to do a job that I love and that makes me proud!

You are the Sensual Queen! How does it fit your personality? And what do you think of the associated fragrance?

Indeed, I am the Sensual Queen! Many people tell me that I have a bewitching look, so it does not really surprise me … But in the end, I still feel a little bit like each of the queens. I am often playful, always audacious, a bit romantic and sometimes artistic! It is difficult to place myself in a «box». But it is true that the seductive facet is perfect for me. Then with its oriental and amber notes, I love the fragrance Ylang-ylang fatal!

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