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Rose Poudré

Influence and Romantic Queen

A pink universe, joy, good humor ... that's what inspires us Emilie alias Rose Poudré ! As sensitive as she is thoughtful, she embodies the Romantic Queen par excellence. Today influential and muse of the fragrance Rose galante, the Beauty Team Gellé Brothers interviewed her to know more about her ...


Hello Emilie ! To begin, can you tell us more about your career, your job, your passions ?

Hello ! Well I am an original Parisian who grew up in the Sarthe countryside amongst animals. Following my Bac Literary, I went to Caen to do a DUT Information Communication. I always loved contact with people, this voice was for me an obvious. I closed the loop back to my home town, Paris. I worked in the hotel business for 6 years before realizing that I had to follow my dreams !
During these 6 years, I started on Instagram in a very personal way. As time went by, I enjoyed improving and sharing my discoveries through photos and video stories, creating a true community. After reflection, I created my own YouTube channel and I think that’s what made me decide to leave my hotel business. I found something I loved to do, and I dreamed of living it. Currently I can say that I live half-time since besides I am also specialist Digital Press Relationship in Auto-entrepreneur !

What do you think are the 3 words that best define the Gellé Frères universe and why ?

First of all, it is Feminine because I think that every woman can find there a femininity of its own through the various perfumes. I would then say that this is Trend because marble and copper are really part of the new materials very “IN”. And finally, Gellé Frères is in my opinion Royal, because the house perfumed Marie Antoinette ! Her heritage makes us modern, proud and assumed Queens.

What would be your definition of a “Queen 2.0” ?

The Queen 2.0 is well in its sneakers or pumps, no matter … She leads a life in which she is full, lives her dreams and her passions thoroughly, does not ask forgiveness to exist and distributes love around like a radiating sun.

What was the last time you felt like Queen ? Why ?

I felt like Queen when I saw a work come to fruition and fly away. A creation never remains. I like the idea that she will live by herself through the looks of those who will stop on it.

You are the romantic Queen ! How does it fit your personality ? And what do you think of the associated fragrance ?

And yes, I am a Queen Rose Galante, and I could have bet on this result ! My nickname is “Rose Poudré”, my feed Instagram is bathed in pink … And I love the smell of the rose ! On top of that, I am someone very sensitive and romantic. So really this fragrance suits me like a glove ! The perfume feels the bouquet of freshly picked roses, it’s a real treat !

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